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Melissa W.

“Beach Brain is a warm, peaceful, relaxed state of mind, with a cool breeze.  It’s sailing around the Caribbean and admiring its crystal blue waters and the sea life that swim below, while interacting with the locals. Feeling good is inevitable.  A drink in my hand, my feet in the sand, my brain on the beach, and I am in my happy place.”

Melanie S.

“Beach Brain is a surrounding of peaceful tranquillity enveloped in serene bliss. Your thoughts are overtaken by calmness of it all and the only thing that matters is closing your eyes and listening to the waves crashing along the shore.”

Suzanne A

“Beach Brain is all the senses. For me, it happens right at the approach, as my anticipation builds and I catch the smell of the sea, my blood pressure starts to lower. That wonderful mixture of salt water and sea life. The minute I see the beach I start to relax. As my eyes take in the back and forth of the waves breaking on the beach and the seagulls flying overhead, I know I’m going to have the perfect day. Once I  feel that sand between my toes I am content in a way that I don’t feel anywhere else. The warmth of the sun and the cool water on my skin completely puts me in a Beach Brain mood. I have found my Permanent Destination!”