My Permanent Destination.


From the time our kids were little, we’ve always tried to demonstrate a sense of adventure and love for new experiences. The world, we tell them, is a big, beautiful place full of lots and lots of exciting places to go, interesting people to meet, scary foods to taste, and unique things to discover. Along with the usual advice about not talking to strangers or putting pebbles in your ears, we’ve impressed upon them a simple motto: We try new things. This motto, along with a willingness to say yes, has helped the five of us live a pretty fun life while always taking care of the things we all have to take care of: work, school, family, dogs, health, faith, stomach, oil changes, washing dishes, little league, dance classes, scoring concert tickets, etc., etc.

This motto was put to the test one Sunday in September, after a busy morning of raking leaves. The phone rang. Grandpa and grandma were calling from Florida to inform us that they had decided to sell their jet-ski rental business on the Gulf of Mexico and ask if we wanted to buy it! WHAT? Life in Connecticut was going great. Good jobs, good friends, family get togethers, small town life, close to NYC and Boston, awesome pizza … But Florida? Spend our days on the water? As our own bosses? How could we say no? How could we be true to the family motto if we didn’t? So, like reasonably rationale people, we reached out to our family and friends and sought their advice. Can we just take a sentence here to thank them and say how great and unselfish and supportive these people are? The next thing we knew we were quitting our jobs, buying a house, calling moving companies, and saying a lot of tearful “see you later(s)”. We had, as we later discovered, BEACH BRAIN!




Relocating and starting all over isn’t easy. It’s not. It’s normal to question decisions and worry that maybe you made the wrong move. Especially when kids are involved. Going from one career identity to a totally new identity can be disorienting. Knowing your job really well and then not knowing anything about your job is humbling. And, of course, you miss your friends and family a bunch. BUT, there’s something about the beach and the sea air and the waterlife that can be intoxicating. AND, it’s a lot of fun being around vacationers trying to live their best lives.

Everyday, we meet folks from not only all around this great country, but from places like Canada and Europe. They come into our shop super-excited. We joke around and listen to their origin stories and reasons for visiting. We hear about their jet ski experiences on the water and they tell us their dreams of someday making Florida, or any beach area, their permanent destination. They come to us with their own BEACH BRAIN: Adventurous, easy-going, happy to be away from the many responsibilities that consume too much of our days and nights. They have the same dream we had back in Connecticut, before that fateful phone call. They want to lose sight of things. Be away from things. As you know, time away is … well, time away.

Everyone has a vision of their perfect place. Their permanent mental and physical destination. And it doesn’t have to be some far away place in an exotic land with a name like Costa del Sol or Bengali Sea Cave, though those places are certainly great too. It can be someplace local like Hampton Beach, Long Beach Island, Lake Michigan, or Madeira Beach. That’s really up to you. The world is a big, beautiful place full of lots and lots of exciting places to go, interesting people to meet, scary foods to taste, and unique things to discover. When you have BEACH BRAIN you are existing in that world, a free, relaxing place where you’re not “on call” all the time, where you try new things, and where you’re living your best life.

The idea of BEACH BRAIN came from our daily interactions with customers at our watersports shop. It’s really something we came to understand in both ourselves and them. And like our customers, we enjoy discovering a few more tangible items that remind us of our best attitudes, our special interests, and our permanent destination. We find them. We buy them. We show them off. So we thought we’d make something of our own, something universal, and see if others would like it as much as we do. That is our hope. That you “get” us and we “get” you. Thus, BEACH BRAIN.

So, from Michael and Stephanie, Cooper, Brody, and Flynn….

we wish you luck in getting to your permanent destination, your BEACH BRAIN!

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